Tamale time

29 Nov

I was fortunate enough to essentially have three straight days of Thanksgiving this year. Which, in case you didn’t know, is pretty much awesome. (I am especially pleased with the amount of leftovers in the fridge right now, as I am a big fan of those.)

Day 1 and Day 3 were what you’d expect: turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, pecan pie and so on and so forth.

Day 2, however, was a bit more unique because it included a family tradition, that doesn’t always happen every year. In fact, it’s a tradition that  hasn’t happened for the past few years: the making of tamales.

This tradition was so important that my grandmother literally rose from her deathbed to teach us how to make tamales “the right way” while suffering from pancreatic cancer during her last holiday season with us.

Unfortunately, we still haven’t mastered it the way she had. We rely on index cards with the printed recipe to direct us how to flavor and slow cook the pork, how to create that delectable sauce from roasted chilis, what texture the masa must have, etc. Whereas Grandma Nabity somehow intrinsically knew all of this. All and all they still taste darn good, and hopefully with each new year’s practice it won’t be long before we’ll have no need for those little index cards.

Los tamales son preparados en el día después del día de Acción de Gracias en mi casa. 

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