Merry Christmas from Indonesia

25 Dec

Photo courtesy of Mukumbura via

Though it is currently 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit and 65 percent humidity, it is indeed Christmas day here in Surabaya. Christmas Eve was spent with a small group of volunteers eating cupcakes, brownies, candy canes and other Christmas goodies while hanging out in the lounge at the Peace Corps office. We turned up the a/c and cuddled up in the loft of the lounge, borrowed a projector and watched Christmas specials. It was sort of cute.

Indonesia is a predominately Muslim nation,  so no where else was nearly as decked out with Christmas decorations as the lounge was with Christmas cards, a few strings of lights, a humble Christmas tree and a small can of fake snow!

This morning we joined a few Peace Corps staff and several more volunteers at our Programming and Training Manager’s home to have a small Christmas celebration and “breakfast.”  I’m in sweets overload, and I can honestly say I have not had a real meal in over 24 hours because my meals have been supplemented by cheese, ice cream, and other dairy products and sweets. These things are hard to find, but they are available in the city. So this is typically the case when I escape to Surabaya for Peace Corps training, events and otherwise.

It was definitely not the traditional Christmas, and though it didn’t necessarily “feel” like Christmas it was nice. It’s inevitable to feel homesick when the internet and Facebook are flooded with Christmas-time images and messages of those celebrating back home. SOooo…in an attempt to combat the Christmas blues I’m off to Bali!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Photo courtesy of sektordua via

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