Indonesians say the darndest things: round two

30 Jan

Here we go with round two….

From a speaking assessment in which students had to ask me one question in English (unfortunately most were rather unimaginative due to the lack of language skills, but I enjoyed these):

“Why are you not yet married?” Do you hear the connotation in that?

“Do you like tomatoes?” Sure, why not?

More fun words uttered in my general direction:

“Are you an actress?” —Teen girl on a bus

“Sexy price” penjual, or salesman, selling clothes and souvenirs at a shop in Bali

“Sunglasses?” penjual selling sunglasses on a bus from Bali at 2 a.m. in the morning. Super necessary.

“What do you think?” — Male teacher walking out of the school’s administration office with his shirt draped over his shoulders and flexing

The following are the translations from what was said in Bahasa Indonesia:

“Do you have milk? I want milk. I want to drink… [gibberish giberish gibberish]”— 99.9% sure this was toddler speak for I want you to breast feed me…

“Do you want to be my husband’s third wife? I don’t mind. You can stay here with me. It’s no problem.”  — Female neighbor

And my favorite from my three-year-old host niece:

“Do you love me?”  How does that not tug at your heart strings?

Some extra fun goodies (Aka Bonus stuff):
Such interesting things happen day to day and more often than not they are becoming common place. This little squirrel thing did not happen into my classroom on accident, he was brought in to hang out.

Sign for a bridge I crossed in Bali.

The following is a story used as part of a reading comprehension assessment in another school district, courtesy of another volunteer.

When Love is Blind

There was once a beautiful girl living in a city and she studied at a popular senior high school in the city. She always followed the trend of young people life style. In her idea, western modern life was the ideal model for all people so everyday should be free to do anything he or she likes.

She had a handsome boyfriend, Deo. Having a boy or girl friend was like a must for the young people in the city. Parent’s advice to get away from western culture was considered as old fashioned.

Shinta loved his boyfriend very much. On Saturday evening they made a date going to theatre, cafe, or a party. Shinta’s parents were worried about her. They have warned her but she ignored them.

Whatever happens to me, I’ll face it” yes love is blind. She often quarreled with her parent. She became uncontrolled. Her parent could do nothing but only wait, see, and pray.

One day, Shinta got a serious stomachache and wanted to throw up. Shinta was very worried and…. what a shock! The tester showed a positive pregnancy.

Shinta got fainted in her room for some minutes. She was very aftraid that her mother knew what happened.

She tried to contact Deo;. Knowing his girlfriend got preafnant, he was very frustrated and didn’t want to admit that he was the father of the baby. He was not responsible for the consequence. He asked her to abort the baby, but she refused.

For months later, in one evening, when she could no longer be able to keep the burden, she decided to do abortion. In her bedroom she took a chair and jumped from it to the floor. The blood was running out of her skirt, making the floor wet. Then she got unconscious.

The next day, in the morning when she didn’t get out of the room, Shinta’s mother called her name several times.

No answer made her mother open the room door and looked inside. She saw blood anywhere in the floor and walls. She was upset but could control herself.

Shinta’s mother quickly took her to the hospital.

But, it’s too late. In the way, Shinta died before she got a help. On the same day, the news about Shinta spread throughout the city.

And in case you missed round one, you can check it out here. Also every now and then Elle has some funny images on her photo blog Fresh to Death (and just good photos in general.)

2 Responses to “Indonesians say the darndest things: round two”

  1. Shelly Amour April 11, 2012 at 7:57 pm #

    Forgive our English hahahha
    Love your blog and I am Indonesian who lives in Jakarta :D

    • Nicole April 12, 2012 at 3:05 pm #

      Cool! And thanks for checking out my blog!

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