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About me

Hai. My name is Nicole Ethier and I’m a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Indonesia from 2011 to 2013.

About this blog

This is a personal blog. It’s for fun and is meant to share my experiences, thoughts and endeavors with whoever will listen—the hope being that family and friends are somewhere in that mix.

Want to know more? Ok, well only if you insist….

Before coming to Indonesia I was a news internship junkie. I started in 2008 at a small community paper and couldn’t get enough. Since then I have written and produced news for The Arizona RepublicAzcentral.com, and 12 News.

In May 2010 I graduated from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications, and in 2011 I began my Peace Corps service.

For more about my professional qualifications see my LinkedIn profile.

I love a good challenge and continually learning, but in general I’m just a little lady living life and doing stuff.

Stuff I did: 

  • Had lunch with Larry King
  • Lived on both sides of the equator
  • But perhaps most notably, I’ve had professional portraits taken with a pet.

Stuff I’m doing:

  • Teaching English as second language in an East Javanese high school. This mainly entails patiently and repeatedly explaining how to make a simple, complete and grammatically correct English sentence (Subject + Verb + Object!) and delicately clarifying the meaning of the lyrics to that Katy Perry song that my non-drinking Muslim students can’t stop singing.
  • Not paying for haircuts.
Photo credit: Elle Chang
  • Training at the encouragement and under the guidance of local high school staff to become the next Rudy Hartono.
  • Ensuring the good people of Indonesia aren’t denied the opportunity to enjoy a chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven in all its gooey glory.
  • Modeling the latest in Indonesian bridal party fashion.

Stuff I will do:

  • I want to be in an infomercial. Not only can I portray a person inconvenienced and frustrated with every day, mundane tasks, but I would be a very compelling one at that. So if you have connections, hook it up!
  • As for the rest, who knows. I’m just as curious as you to find out.
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