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Because this is fun…

20 Jun

One of the fun parts of having a blog is obsessively tracking your stats—your page views, where in the world people are reading from, what people click on when they read, the search terms people use to find your blog and so on and so forth.

I remember several months back hanging out in the lounge at the PC office in Surabaya and a group of blogging volunteers joking about all the crazy search terms that pop up on their blogs. Here’s one such example.

So why keep these fun little blogging anecdotes to myself? Below is a few terms people searched to find my blog that I rather enjoyed:

  • she plays in the mud — that I do
  • teens eating — that they do
  • Pretty bake pops — what does that even mean?
  • Exotic roosters— I want one!
  • диско шар — don’t know what that means but cool
  • aged women in tracksuit
  • miss intrigue — Is this referring to the aged women in the tracksuit?
  • komodo dragon’s third eye
  • valcano — Damn it, I may have misspelled volcano somewhere.
  • the turkey meal America — That’s Thanksgiving. Don’t belittle it.
  • happy heads above water — I’d be happy not to be drowning too.
  • girl on butcher— creepy and not sure they found what they were looking for
  • cow with map of world — He sounds very worldly. (you know you like the corny joke)
  • i forgot my crack password dan.imut 66
  • pictures of ugly people with spiky hair
  • sad cow
  • what a woman is mostly interested in  — I’m sorry I’ve got nothing for you.
  • i want milk in Indonesian — Me too. It’s boxed and tastes funny. Where them sad cows at?
  • hitting the floor instead of the toilet — This one actually made me laugh out loud, I’m sorry I couldn’t help it.

Those are just the stranger ones. Many of the search terms seemed appropriate by either having to do with Peace Corps or travel/life in Indonesia.

Interestingly the top search term is “2 weeks to go.

Followed by “disco ball” which makes me really happy.

Coming soon… some real thoughts about things, mostly being halfway done. I do, however, reserve the right to ramble.

Indonesians say the darndest things: round two

30 Jan

Here we go with round two….

From a speaking assessment in which students had to ask me one question in English (unfortunately most were rather unimaginative due to the lack of language skills, but I enjoyed these):

“Why are you not yet married?” Do you hear the connotation in that?

“Do you like tomatoes?” Sure, why not?

More fun words uttered in my general direction:

“Are you an actress?” —Teen girl on a bus

“Sexy price” penjual, or salesman, selling clothes and souvenirs at a shop in Bali

“Sunglasses?” penjual selling sunglasses on a bus from Bali at 2 a.m. in the morning. Super necessary.

“What do you think?” — Male teacher walking out of the school’s administration office with his shirt draped over his shoulders and flexing

The following are the translations from what was said in Bahasa Indonesia:

“Do you have milk? I want milk. I want to drink… [gibberish giberish gibberish]”— 99.9% sure this was toddler speak for I want you to breast feed me…

“Do you want to be my husband’s third wife? I don’t mind. You can stay here with me. It’s no problem.”  — Female neighbor

And my favorite from my three-year-old host niece:

“Do you love me?”  How does that not tug at your heart strings?

Some extra fun goodies (Aka Bonus stuff):