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I want a dog!

10 Mar

I may or may not have already been secretly planning/hoping I could adopt a dog when I went into the Peace Corps.

I have wanted a dog pretty much since my sophomore year of college when I moved out of my parent’s house and had my own place. I even went looking for a dog several times. I would visit the pound, pick one out and say to myself if it was still there in a few days then it was meant to be. And then I wouldn’t go back because I knew it was not practical.

The funny thing is, on one trip when my roommate and I went to the pound for me to get a dog, she somehow left with a cat. So I kind of failed. But I keep telling myself eventually I will get a dog.

Well the reason I bring this up today of all days is because three things happened that reminded me how much I want a dog.

  1. First off, one of the shows I was helping with today (I work at a local TV station) featured a super adorable and sweet chihuahua that was up for adoption.  Even though I know I can’t bring one with me to Indonesia, a part of my was scheming about how I could have that dog.
  2. Secondly, I read this article that talks about the bond between a soldier and the bomb-sniffing dog he worked with and how the two both died recently. This is embarrassing to say, but it made me tear up a little — in fact I couldn’t read it all at once. I had to regain my composure and come back to it so it wouldn’t be noticeable that I was crying.
  3. Then I came home, checked my Facebook and this appeared before my very eyes and in my feed. It basically talks about how awesome it is to adopt a dog in the Peace Corps.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is all a sign.

P.S. This is also kind of embarassing, but my sister and I like to watch videos of puppies and dogs on YouTube in our spare time. So now I will leave you with one such video:

Ok, just one more. . . this is one of my favorites!

UPDATE (3.11.2011): I’ve just been informed via a current Peace Corps volunteer in Indonesia that there is a policy against keeping pets there. Booo!

Oh well,  someday. . .